Record live TV directly from your TV tuner


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GB-PVR is a complete multimedia player package that brings together video recording, online radio tuning, audio/video playing and photo viewing all in one application.

The program's main function is to record video from all video devices. GB-PVR is compatible with many TV tuner cards, including most models such as: Auppauge (PVR250, PVR250MCE...), ATI Theatre 550 Pro, DVB-T y DVB-S as well as Hauppauge, Pinnacle MediaCenter, Twinhan, Blockgold and many more.

Apart from being able to completely personalize your recordings with codecs, formats and secondary parameters, the program lets you play any video, audio, or image file, it even lets you tune in to over 100 radio channels that the program can find.

The program has been developed with a very easy to use interface that can be completely personalized with skins, or by changing things such as the background image, or the colors.
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